The origins of the platform date back to 2003 when a system was pioneered for English Rugby at the time of their World Cup campaign in Australia. In recent years the system has undergone a dramatic redesign which has increased the scale, scope and functionality of the product. This work has been undertaken in conjunction with world class practitioners, clubs and associations from across the sporting world ensuring the latest practices, processes and know how have been incorporated into the EDGE10 platform.

This work culminated in the summer of 2009, with the launch of the world's first comprehensive Performance and Medical platform. Product development is continuous and as our client base and strategic alliances increase so does our ability to provide and lead the world in sports performance and medical systems.


Our software development expertise is unparalleled ensuring we are always ahead of the game in applying the latest technologies to the latest developments in sport. Our objective is to be the world's leading provider of next generation Sports Performance software solutions.

Company Profile

We operate globally and have offices in Australia, Russia, UK and USA. Our team is rapidly expanding and we are constantly searching for new members to join us in our journey.

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